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Lien Viet Teambuilding - Team building is organizing teambuilding company stretches across the territory of Vietnam, was founded with the strategy to conquer the market by the business philosophy: " Creation - Professional - Effects ". We not only provide products, but always lived with Team building principle of an effective team. We always strive to serve our customers with the best quality.


The order to meet the needs of the  Lien Viet Teambuilding client as follows :

Step 1: We receive customer feedback to analyze the objectives and needs with many different forms: to meet directly, via telephone, or via email.

Step 2: Discuss the structure of the organization, team building parts need / training and planned budget.

Step 3: Based on the organizational status and requirements, we research programs and  most suitable destination.

Step 4: We design, program proposals and quotations to customers feedback.

Step 5: Based on customer feedback, we will adjust the program and price to meet all targets and cost - effective.

Step 6: After customer acceptance, the Union will have a meeting Teambuilding Vietnam to meet directly with clients to introduce the details and finalize all matters related to the program.


Step 7: Plan and implement training for the entire project team, with the comments of the experts, testing on site game. Putting away money customers at the destination station ( if needed )

Step 8: Put all the services related to the program

Step 9: Unify the entire contents of the program again with customers

Step 10: Implementation of the program

Step 11: After the show, the two parties together to summarize lessons learned.


Effective & high quality team building in Vietnam!